Observe, February 18 Daily Reflection

The Reflection

Ice Cream – Is Written upon the glass door and in its reflection I spy the quaint ice cream parlor with the little white chairs and round tables just beyond. I could have read the sign on the door and continued walking along to reach my destination but in a moment of my own making I stopped and observed more closely. That is when I spotted the reflection.

We run through life and seldom do we see anything beside, below or behind us. We just see what is in front of us so we will know if we can plough it down or we need to go around it. People stand before us and we look away. If we pause to say “Hi” we might see that reflection in their eyes that will tell you their story. However, we must create that moment of our own making to stop and look into their eyes. If we could stop thinking about what we want to say next in the conversation and simply listen to their words and lives we may become friends. If we truly stop the sound bites and listen to the person we will see so much more than we ever realized was there.

Have you ever done that before? Have you ever stopped and truly listened not thinking of the next place you need to be or the next errand you must run? Have you ever lived in that moment not for you but for another person? As women it is extremely difficult because we are taught to multitask at all times. That does not mean we cannot change. Try it today. Slow your walking pace down, look around you, observe where you are and find someone to make eye contact with that you know somewhat. Stop and say “Hi, how are you today.” Then wait for a response and a reaction, give that person a chance to talk. Then look into their eyes and truly listen, forget your thoughts and listen.

You may find more than you ever imagined behind that reflection that you have missed all of your life. Today simply make your own moment by observing, slowing down and truly listening to someone else.

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