Off The Wall, January 7, 2015 Daily Reflection

Off The Wall

Off The Wall

Teenagers live their lives off the wall because they are constantly pushing the limits and daring to challenge themselves and others with new experiences. Part of the reason they are able to live this way is because teens do not look to the future they live in the moment. Many times when they live in the moment they end up making poor decisions. Other times they make new discoveries and are able to delve deeper into their existence.

Adults rarely live off the wall because we have responsibilities, bills to pay, children to raise and a check list of things to do, that can never be completed. Adults are constantly thinking about the future and rarely live in the moment. Adults have a more difficult time discovering a deeper meaning within their lives because they are occupied with responsibilities of today and worries of tomorrow.

If there were a way to combine the challenges and daring of the youth who live in the moment and the wisdom and dependability of adults we would have a more rounded individual. Each of us need to take our responsibilities seriously but also take the time to live off the wall and in the moment once in awhile.

Today, what will you do to live off the wall?

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