Old Fashioned Birthday Parties, March 27 Saturday Tidbit

Indoor Play Gym

Whatever happened to playing in the backyard, climbing a tree, playing hide and seek, kick the can and getting a neighborhood game of kickball together? Seems that so much has changed in our culture. In the past birthday parties were held at the home of the birthday child. Now birthday parties are held at roller skating rinks, Indoor gyms, swimming pools, bouncy places and bowling alleys. Have we just run out of time to clean our houses and welcome everyone in or do we just have more money than we have time?  If we can afford those birthday events then why bring 15 wild children into our nice houses and pray they don’t break anything?  In doing so have we lost a little of the simplicity of the birthday parties?

The birthday party is a celebration of that child’s birth and life. It’s fun to have the child pick out the decorations and help to bake the cake. It’s fun to let the child help put up the decorations and tape the pin the tail on the donkey game to the wall. It’s cozy and friendlier when the birthday child is not rushed through opening their gifts because they have 15 minutes left before the next “party” will need that same generic party room.  It’s a warmer feeling to leave your toys in the room you opened them in to go and do the cake rather than someone putting your toys in a cart and stuffing them in the trunk of your car.

Birthday Parties have started a small industry of fun places that will host them. Without a doubt they are more convenient, the kids have lots of fun, there is nothing to clean up and no one comes into your home and nothing gets broken. Guess I just prefer the good old fashioned birthday parties at my home with simple games and fun times together.


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