Old Fashioned Maps, August 17, 2012 Daily Reflection

Exploring a map

In our day of technological advances; GPS, IPADs, IPHONEs and modern day advances it is rare that we find a paper map (if it has not been printed from MapQuest) and we review it. My husband comes from a family who enjoy looking at maps not only for directions but just to see where places are they have never been before. They take the time to look at maps without technology.

When I first meet my husband 18 years ago I thought staring at maps was such a waste of time. Now I have come to believe it is a great way to gain knowledge about the world outside our lives. They have this incredible sense of direction. In fact my sister in law can almost always tell people with amazing accuracy if we are headed north, south, east or west without a compass. It is an interesting hobby to observe the world outside of our own cities and states. One day when we are retired and plan trips around the world (that is our dream) then my husband will already have an idea of where we should start.

A good sense of direction will serve you well in not getting lost and also caring about the world around you not just your own home. Try it today. Pull out a map and search for a destination you have never been to before. It is quite interesting.

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