On The Edge, March 9 Daily Reflection

Languna Beach

Right on the edge, I stood there with my husband leaning against the small overlook to see the site above.  There sat an incredible house placed right on the cliff up against the Pacific ocean crashing upon it’s foundation. Right on the edge of something but not going anywhere at all but taking it all in with no motion what so ever.

Do you find yourself on the edge of a cliff  like you are on the verge of something greater than what you know now?  Standing on your tip toes to see that ocean below you with all it’s mighty power slamming upagainst that cliff yet you want to be a part of it secretly hoping that the undertide will not swallow you whole. Standing on the edge of making a huge change in life…deciding to get married…deciding to become a mom…deciding to stay home with your children…deciding to go back to work as a mom…deciding to change your career…deciding to change your perspective of life…deciding to grow deeper, to find your place in this world…deciding something greater than you have ever known.

We all have stood there at one time or another not knowing if the ocean would pull us under or lift us to new heights. Sometimes we freeze in the thoughts of the unknowns walking out past that railing would bring. Should we stay where it is safe and comfortable? Should we take that chance to grow as a person to learn who we are and how we can share a new life with this world?  Did you take that step or hold on so tight to that railing that over time your knuckles have turned white?  What are you waiting for? When living creatures cease to grow they die. If you are standing at the brink of a new way that is better for you, your family, your faith and your purpose then trust in God if you know in your heart He has lead you there and take the risk. Where has God lead you in the past, when you listened? Where will God lead you in the future? Will you listen?

Are you on the cliff stable and secure waiting?


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