One Among Many, May 9, 2016 Daily Reflection

One Among many

One Among many

My seniors are about to leave the halls of Holy Cross. They are bound for a new world. Many will go away from home and live on a college campus. Most will live at home, go to college, and work part time to pay for it. Some will go straight into the workforce. Each one of my students who have been treasured by many teachers at Holy Cross will be one among many other students and employees in the workforce. They may not be given special treatment. They may not start each morning with prayer, the pledge of Allegiance, or announcements. They may not be called by name by their professors or employers. But to me each one of my students is more than just one among many. Each one of my students is special to me, and many others who have influenced and loved them through their formative years, their trying teenage years, and all of their growing pains. They are known and loved by more than just their family and friends. God knows each one and calls them by name. Although lost they will never be just one among many to God.

Students, know that God will always be there for you. Take the time to continue to pray and develop a deeper relationship with God. Then it will be easier to hear God’s voice, to feel God’s guidance, and to recognize God’s presence in your life. Know that you will never just be one among many. God made you uniquely, precisely, and lovingly for a reason, a purpose that will be revealed over time. God loves you just for you. Know and love God and you will always know you are more than one among many.


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