One Moment in Time, September 25, 2015 Daily Reflection

2010-03-24 15.33.20We don’t have a moment to spare in our hectic lives. We dash from point A to point B and every other letter of the alphabet daily. We don’t have a moment to slow down, or to pause, we live in fast forward, until our head hits the pillow each night and we get up and do it all over again.

What we need is one moment in time to…

hit pause, look around, listen to the sounds, enjoy nature

hug our loved ones, call our friends, text a smiley face

say a prayer, smell a flower, take a deep breathe

Thank God for our blessings, Praise God for his goodness that resides in our hearts.

We don’t have the time…but we can make the time daily to take one moment in time every day to love; ourselves, one another, nature, and God.

Today, take a moment in time to….


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