One Summer Evening, August 1 Daily Reflection

Our Treats

“So sit back and enjoy your low calorie popcorn and other assorted confections and enjoy the show.” The owl from the movie Rango said as we sat in our cozy living room about to have a family movie night. Aaron paused the movie and said “I guess we need to do what that little owl said to do.” Off he scurried to the kitchen crumpling some bags around. We sat eagerly in the living room waiting for his approval to go into the kitchen. “Ok, come on in guys!”

The kids ran quickly and voices of excitement could be heard! “Oh my gosh Daddy look at all the candy!” Anna jumped into her Daddy’s arms and hugged him tightly. “Jiffy Pop!” Ethan exclaimed. You see the previous week I accidentally put an individual Mac and cheese treat in the microwave and neglected to put the water in the container. Of course it just completely burned the plastic. It ruined the microwave completely. So we had gone 10 days without a microwave to see if we could do without one all together. Every time we wanted to pop popcorn someone would say “Oh, yeah we don’t have a microwave anymore.” Aaron bought Jiffy Pop for the family movie night. It was our first Jiffy Pop experience and it was entertaining watching Aaron shaking the contraption above the stove top fire. It was so fun to watch the bag expand and open it!

Aaron likes to do that. He likes to surprise the kids with special times together. The summer is hard on him he works on a golf course so his hours in the summer are long, laborious and very intense. So when we have time together we try to make it very special. Rango was a hit with the kids but the best part of the experience was discovering something new together with our family with the silly jiffy pop popcorn.

It’s not the big stuff they will remember it is the special experiences that will form the memories. I have those memories. I remember my dad taking the TV. out on the deck one summer evening when my mom was working at night for us to watch a movie together. I don’t remember the movie at all I just remember the experience as a family. It was exciting, out of the ordinary and just plain fun! I hope that my kids will remember that jiffy pop and making it with their daddy one summer evening.


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