One Word, August 16, 2016 Daily Reflection

Words hurtToday, I have a question for my students as I get to know them. The question is can a person truly be defined by one word?

Words can be weapons in on going wars. Words can be cause for healing and comfort. Words can be challenging. Words can be transforming and life changing. Words have powers we seldom consider. Most of us carelessly choose our words and use them to fill the silent voids of nervousness. Some use words to prove one’s worth. Others realize the power of their words and use them to destroy.

Have you ever heard a word that you allowed to define you good or bad. Self-fulfilling prophecy is basically when someone says something about you and you begin to believe it, think it, and eventually become it. Do you let what someone else says about you define who you are? Do you allow the negative words of others to oppress you? Do you also allow other’s words to lift you up and empower you? Do you lift and encourage others with your words?

Can you be defined by one word? Or are you so much more than one? God created us to be individuals filled with many different gifts and talents. There is much more to us than one word could ever explain.

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