Only 22%?, August 22, 2012 Daily Reflection

Empty Pews of Church

If only 22% of the workforce showed up for work each morning assembly lines would not open, restaurants could not serve food, hospitals could not function, jails would not be secure and work would not be completed. If only 22% of couples worked on their marriage there would be a 78% divorce rate. If only 22% of children went to school 78% of our future adults would not be able to read, write or have gainful employment. If only 22% of citizens followed the laws our country would be on fire, in chaos, filled with crime, murder and mass confusion.

Yet, only 22% of American Catholics attend Church once a week. Where are the other 78%? Why have they fallen away from Church attendance yet they are still proud to call themselves Catholic? I don’t know why I am so shocked by this number but I am. I am in Church every Sunday with my husband and four children. I know as a busy mom how many other tasks I could complete in the time it takes to get a family of six ready for and attend Mass. However, attending Mass with my family is my top priority on the weekends. I posted this question on Face Book and only 2 people replied. One said something to the effect of time just gets away from you and you don’t go to church. Another said “It needs to be a good habit.”

In our culture we multi task our lives and fill it up with our To Do Lists. We accomplish what we consider to be our top priority daily. If the other 78% of American Catholics considered attending Mass once a week to be a top priority then our pews would be filled. I am just trying to figure what made Mass get bumped from the To Do List for so many people.

I would love to hear your comments on this subject. If you go to Church weekly or you have not been in years. I, like so many others would love to try to figure this out.  Please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts….



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