Only the roots remain, June 14 Daily Reflection

The roots

I almost tripped on this severed tree; the root system is all that remains. By the circumference of the trunk I feel sure it must have been a large tree that once grew upon this downtrodden path. Now all that remains is a bit of a stump and intertwined roots. The roots can be seen protruding into the ground. Although the tree is for all intents and purposes gone. Its roots remain and its presence is still there.

What will remain of each of us when our lives have been cut down, severed or just ended by the age of life? Will our roots remain?

Are the roots of our existence intertwined with our families, our children, our friendships… our legacy? Have you given the nutrients of your life to another generation or are you hoarding it all for yourself? One day you will be gone – that my friend is a fact of life.

How do you want to be remembered? It is possible for your roots to remain if you give yourself fully to others. In giving you will receive more than what seems imaginable.

Today, think about the way you are living your life and if your existence will leave roots behind for someone else to trip over or to grow from.




  1. Jan Redle

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