Opportunities, August 11, 2017 Daily Reflection

In life we are granted opportunities often. Sometimes, these opportunities are in your face and cannot be ignored. Other times they are quiet, subtle, and beneath the surface. Daily we are presented with different opportunities that could change our lives for the better. Many people worry that if they miss an opportunity it will be gone forever. What if God placed that there and I didn’t take it? Does that mean I missed it for a lifetime? No, there are so many opportunities and we are so loved by God that there will be more opportunities. We are not predestined by God to choose one thing in life. We are given the free will to pick and choose. Sometimes, we choose poorly but hopefully we learn from the mistake. In some situations we pick wisely and grow in a different way. No matter what there will be many opportunities in life and God will be with you through the good and the bad. It’s up to us to discern where we are in life and to pray for God to help us make the best choice at this time.
Today, open your eyes and look for good healthy opportunities that will help you to grow as a person and know God will be with you no matter what.

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