Opportunity, June 27, 2017 Daily Reflection

A Different perspective

Daily, we are given opportunities. There are chances for us to experience many different aspects of life. Each morning there is the possibility of new opportunities. Many of us feel trapped by our habits, or responsibilities to work a certain job or do chores. Regardless, of what we must do daily, our minds are given amazing opportunities to experience different perspectives of this life. We can take moments at the beginning of each day to start the day in prayers of thanksgiving, meditation, or simply taking a deep breath and appreciating the ability to wake up another day. On our way to work we can listen to a podcast from a different point of view. During our break times, or down times we can read a book outside of our normal genre.

All day long we make choices. Choices, to look around us, outside of us, to take in the world instead of stay in our own world. Choices that can break our “believed” limitations and allow us to live with passion. There are opportunities to tell those we love how much we care for them, to be kind to a stranger, to control our attitudes and to bring love into the lives of others. Too many people believe that the “successful” people were just lucky, in the right place at the right time. The truth is there are endless opportunities presented daily to everyone. We just have to be aware and open to them.

Today, say thanks, take a deep breath, listen, look around, step outside your comfort zone and seek the opportunities that are surrounding you!

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