Ordinary, April 23, 2012 Daily Reflection

Breakfast with my husband

Simple, ordinary, familiar and comfortable; is it the table with the coffee, the water and the napkin? No it’s my husband’s hand and his wedding band. Our marriage is simple, ordinary, familiar and comfortable. God has blessed me with an unbelievably normal, ordinary, exquisite life. I don’t want to be famous, rich or extraordinary. I am so thankful to be a normal mom, with great children, married to a man who believes in providing for his family with an honest living.

My son told me the other day “Mom, I don’t want to be rich then things take over. I don’t want to be poor then all you think about is how you will make it. I want to be in the middle, comfortable not worried and not obsessed with money.” My son is so right life is not about the money, the house, the cool car or the fast living. Life is about faith, family and friends, how much you love and are loved. I have always loved being different but never wanted to be famous. I just wanted to have a normal loving husband, healthy and caring children and a way to follow God’s will. I have no false illusions that I have created my life and all who are in it.  I am eternally appreciative to God that I was loved and raised by normal kind loving parents and given the opportunity to find my soul mate, graced with the blessing of 4 beautiful children and given the guidance to write what I believe God inspires in me. I am simple, ordinary and comfortable and that’s how I always want it to be in my life with my husband, family, friends and God.

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