Organization skills & Traditions? December 26, 2011 Daily Reflection

Cookie Day

We just had Cookie Day. We, 7 kids- the cousins, aunts and grandma, all made 6 different recipes of cookies. The Christmas music played in the background but all that could be heard was the kids playing in the house, the buzz of the timer and every once in awhile another kid popping their head in the doorway to ask if it was time to eat another cookie yet. The kids did a great job dropping the cookies and decorating them. I was responsible for mixing the recipes and keeping them in rotation. My sister kept an eye on the oven and my mom was quality control. We have a system on Cookie day. It is not a stated system but none the less it is a system and it works well. It takes organizational skills to make a day like this run smoothly and it did just that.

The key to so many events is to make sure they are run smoothly. I guess I believe that theory because I came from a German family and they were well organized. We each took turns opening gifts one at a time on Christmas morning. So that everyone could see the gift and it would last longer.  I have continued many of those traditions and they work well for me and my family.

Do you find that your family runs like a well oiled machine when it comes to homework, dinner time, bedtime and morning routines? Have you ever noticed that you use organizational skills when it comes to birthday parties or Christmas events? I think we should have fun and relax but as a mom part of my duty is to manage the chaos so that I can enjoy the traditions as well as my family.

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