Organizations, February 10, 2017 Daily Reflection

I have been learning so much about organizations, leadership and what makes people successful. I have learned that there are a few main components; placing people where their talent can shine, setting objects openly, and healthy relationships.

It is of the utmost importance that everyone in the organization understands the goals and objectives of the workplace. Everyone should have a shared vision and an understanding of their place in that vision. If a person is just floating unsure of the objective,

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his morale will wane and decline. One who has an objective and a set goal in mind will have motivation and a clear picture of how to get there.

Relationships are a key point to success. A person doesn’t want to be submissive to “the man.” An employee wants to give and receive respect. She wants to have a safe, trusting, relationship, from which she can grow and be encouraged to gain personal mastery. She needs to be affirmed in her gains, and gently but constructively be taught about her losses. One must have accountability to ultimately learn to become a life long learner.

Reflect on how you treat your boss, co-workers, and employees. Is there mutual respect. Are you helping one another to better the organization by challenging self growth? Consider these questions and more about your organization today.

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