Our Angels in Heaven, December 20, 2012 Daily Reflection

Our Angel hugging Buddy

This was a year of great loss for my family and many of my friends. My children actually attended 6 different funerals of extended family and friends. There is such loss and grief being experienced from the tragedy in Connecticut where so many families have lost loved ones. This will be a difficult Christmas for so many people.

If you have an angel in heaven this year and you wish you could hold them in your arms like my angel is holding Buddy just know that I am praying for you. My daughter and I pray every night for the people we know who have lost loved ones this year. Each one of you will be in our prayers. Lean on your family, continue to talk to those in heaven, pray and know you are loved. Although you will not feel their arms embracing you they are loving you from heaven even as we speak. May God grant you peace and comfort this Christmas and every day.

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