Our Gifts, September 30, 2015 Daily Reflection

Junior Retreat

Junior Retreat

I have had the joy of being on junior retreat with my awesome juniors! I teach every junior in our high school and it is a pleasure. They are all so different, some more challenging than others but I can easily see their gifts. On this retreat they are asked to explore the gifts that they have been given. It’s difficult for many of them to acknowledge the gifts that others easily see in them.

They are also exploring their growth from freshmen year to now. How have they grown in their relationship with God and one another? Our lives are so busy, complex, and overloaded that it is very challenging to carve out the time for self-reflection. However, if we don’t take the time to reflect will we know where we are in life? Will we be able to grow? Will we strengthen our relationship with God and in turn others in our lives?

Today, take a little time to reflect on your gifts. Reflect on your growth over the last few years. Are you closer to God or more distance? What has happened that changed that relationship? Has your relationship with others changed as well? Take some time today to have your own small retreat.


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