Our Greater Destiny, October 3, 2012 Daily Reflection

On a beach in CA

We walk towards our greater destiny daily. Some days we take that walk slowly with great thought and caution as to where our feet will land each step. Other days we run to that ocean ready to dive into our future. Many days we don’t want to get out of bed and face our destiny at all. We pull the blankets up over our heads turn off the buzzing alarm clock and fain sleep. Regardless each day reveals to us a new opportunity to walk towards our destiny.

We never take that walk alone. Many watch us as we skip, hop, run, shuffle or refuse to move. Sometimes we have someone to hold our hands like when we are children and our parents guide us. There are times when we frolic on that beach with complete laughter and joy with our friends. Some of us are blessed with a life’s partner to embrace us on this journey. Others feel they walk completely alone.

But no matter whom in the flesh has accompanied you on this walk God has never left your side. God knows when you are running, filled with joy and anticipation. God peeks under the blanket when you hide from your life. God beckons daily to you over the roar of the waves “Follow me and I will give you peace.”  Often times we cannot hear God’s voice over the noise of our own lives. We need to wake up and walk towards our greater destiny with an open ears, hearts and hands. Our greater destiny is God’s will for us. If you walk towards Him and listen He will guide you the entire way.

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