“Our” new room, June 14, 2013 Daily Reflection

Our new room

Back in November we tore out all the paneling in this room and started over. It was finally completed the first of June!

It was a project for the entire family from demolition to hanging new drywall. I painted the room and my father in law and husband built the shelves and put up all of the trim. My uncle and father in law painted the trim, mantel and shelves. My daughter and mother in law helped me to decorate.

If we were rich we would hire people to do this type of job. However, we are not rich and doing it as a family makes it “our” new room. It builds character and a sense of ownership. No matter how difficult it might be to keep your children on task helping with a project is worth it because in the end they can say I helped do that.

Now we just need some furniture. But I think it turned out beautiful.

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