Our Roots, March 15, 2012 Daily Reflection


We were all raised in some fashion by some adult. Someone taught us how to act and react to the world around us. Someone set the example of how to eat, sleep, work and treat others. These examples are our root system. We grow up and live our day to day lives without much thought of our roots but they are partially responsible for who we are and how we conduct ourselves in everyday life. Our roots are not to be blamed for every flaw but to be understood as our foundation of thought. As a parent I try to remember that what I do today will affect all the tomorrows of my children. I am their root system as flawed as that may be. Luckily I had a great stable, steady root system that provided me with confidence, love and kindness. If you know my dad you know how I came to be me.

Look back to your roots to understand but do not think they are your only source of sustenance. There are other influences that have formed you and remember no matter your age you are not yet complete. Keep changing and growing by learning from your past, embracing the present and dreaming of your future.


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