Our Soul, April 11 Daily Reflection

God gives it to us freely

Our soul is given to us by God at conception. God gives us this gift of himself openly and freely. Our soul is our direct link to God. Our soul is not bound by our earthly bodies but resides within until our demise.

Our soul is the direction from which our moral compass is formed. We have complete free will. God will not demand us to do anything morally right in this life but our soul aches for us to do God’s will. Our soul feels the weight of the unethical choices we have made.

Our soul never changes it was a perfect gift given from our perfect God and needs no change, development or growth. Our soul needs to be discovered, unveiled and understood by our minds, intellect and therefore be listened to and acted on in our lives.

Our soul is our direct link to God. In order for us to come in contact with our souls we must transcend our physical limitations, our outward beings and go deep within.

We can uncover our souls through the deepest and most intimate prayers to God, through a life built on God’s will and not our own. Our culture goes against the intent of our soul. Our soul, God dwelling within, wants us to love our neighbors as ourselves and to selflessly live our lives to the fullest from the root of all that is good “God”.


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