Our Vantage Point, February 28 Daily Reflection

What is he doing?

Is he crying, hiding or counting to ten because he is it?

Our vantage point comes from our mind. Our mind is formed from circumstances, experiences, and a lifetime of learning. We will all look at this picture different. We will all feel something totally unique to our own life.

Yet, what he is doing is a fact. He is counting to ten to play hide and seek tag with his brothers, sister and friends. When he dropped his hands he yelled “Ready or not here I come.” Then he ran away laughing and smiling.

Yet, what you see is merely a glimpse, a snapshot into a moment of his life, without the knowledge of all that surrounds him; the playground, the blue skies, his friends and all the laughter.

We live within our own minds. Our perception becomes our reality. However, reality is not always what it appears to be. We need to look a little more closely, a little longer and a little more objectively to find the true reality of different pictures in our lives.

Someone once told me “A wise person is one who remains objective.” Our emotions, experiences and mind make us less objective but they also make us more sympathetic and passionate as well.

Take the time to find the true reality. Look beyond the snapshot and find what surrounds it and you will see the entire picture more clearly.

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