Our World, September 13, 2012 Daily Reflection

Our World

Our world is huge and filled with life and motion. Our world…when we think of this idea…the world do we simply think of our neighborhood, city, state or country? Or do we picture the earth with all its continents, oceans and mountains? Do we think beyond space and time?

I tell people I live in a bubble. I don’t watch the news. It hurts my heart to see the negative journalism. I live in my bubble but I am not naive. I know that there are people in 3rd world countries eating from landfills. I know that somehow I must help the people on the other side of my world.

I do not believe by nature the human race is selfish and self absorbed. On the contrary I believe we were given generous hearts by God. The idea of “more for me” is learned. Generosity can be nurtured from a young age but our mindset must change from “me” to “them”. That is not an easy task. The idea of our world must change from my backyard to the backyards across the globe. Is it possible for us to learn that new concept? Of course it is.

At any given moment when we have become motivated we can change our perspective. The question is will you for more than a moment?


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