Parenting, June 8, 2017 Daily Reflection

Me and my kids

Parenting, it never stops. As a four year old I knew I wanted to be a mom. As a teen every guy I dated I thought about if he would make a good husband or not, I still made some horrible choices. As a young adult I was blessed to discover my soul mate. As soon as we were married I started praying for a baby. God blessed me with 4 amazing children. Each one is unique and precious. When I was a parent of my babies I was overprotective and overly cautious. As they grew I loosened the grip. As each one grows older not only do they change and mature, I do as well.

I have hit a new stage of parenting. My oldest is getting ready for college. I thank God he is not going away. He plans to go to a local college and live at home (not because I made him, he chose this path). He also has to pay for college. So, he will be working and attending college. Over the last week he has changed his mind about the college he was set to attend. He received a partial scholarship from another college. As an organized mom, who is on summer vacation, I did a ton of research and talked to all the schools. I set up an appointment with one of the schools and then he threw a third college into the mix. I know I should probably have made him do more of the research and the work on this but I want the transition into college to be a positive experience. He is finally set on the college he will attend. Now, I have the experience of researching colleges! I went to college but everything has changed since then.

We never stop parenting. I love my children and want what’s best for each one. I know that as they grow I have to let go a bit more, but I will always be their mom. I will always pray for each one and do the best I can to cultivate and form them into mature, responsible, loving, Christian adults who will contribute to our world. Parenting may (should) change from the moment of praying for a baby until the end when one day I will have to say goodbye, but I don’t think it will ever stop completely! I am blessed beyond measure, and thank God everyday that I am a mom.

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