Parenting, October 18, 2018 Daily Reflection

Me and my kids

Parenting, like anything in life, has positives and negatives. When they are young and we are raising them it can be so frustrating and physically demanding; fatigue from lack of sleep, problems with hygiene because there is no time to shower or do much self-care. However, the snuggles, sweet smiles, and mile stones of first steps and those open arms running just for you when they get hurt makes it all worth it. Then they grow up, they go to school, fail tests, and getting left out of friend groups is painful. But the hard earned “A’s” and true friends filled with pure laughter makes it worth it. Parent teacher conferences when the teacher says something negative is excruciating but the conferences when the teacher praises your parenting skills because they love your child makes it worth it. I don’t know how I will ever let go, of course it’s because I never plan to completely. As parents we love them to teach them to love. We train them to be moral, kind, responsible adults who want to change the world and then you let them. However, I will never have to let them go completely because a parent’s love never dies.
We take the good with the bad to love a child into a loving adult!

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