Parents Can Have Fun Too, April 29, 2013 Daily Reflection

Spencer and his friend’s hiding in extra large eggs…

It would be great if we could just play again; if we could be children and play inside the eggs and be silly? But alas we cannot! We must go earn a living and teach them how to act grown up. We must be the parent and teach them discipline and conduct.

Just because we are the parent doesn’t mean we can’t have fun at the same time. Parents, remember there are opportunities to have fun and teach your children. We don’t have to be that parent that stands and watches constantly. We can play tag, run around the playground, race them and ride bikes with them. We will be the type of parents we decide to be in this life.

What type of parent are you with your children? Just know you can change and it make it more fun. Laugh more, play more and have fun with your children while they still want to have fun with you.

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