Parts of Teaching, December 11, 2015 Daily Reflection

My students holding their creative prayer basket

My students holding their creative prayer basket

Teaching has many parts to the vocation. The rewards of imparting knowledge, witnessing growth, appreciation, and sometimes being loved for being a role model. There are the challenges of difficult students, not enough time to teach everything in the chapter, and trying to figure out if many “tasks” you do daily are even a part of your job description at all. There are the failures of students on tests, lessons that fell apart, and failing yourself when you lose your patience. There are the long hours of grading, planning, grading, and more grading that cannot possibly fit into a planning period at school during a teacher’s “40” hour work week. Feeling like you are missing out on your own family’s fun and free time. Also feeling like you have influenced and encouraged hundreds of children over the years.

Teaching cannot be a job if it is to be successful! It is a calling by God to care for the students, want what is best for his or her future, guide them, sometimes hold his or her hand, and other times completely let go and let them learn from his or her fall. It is about loving that child or teen right where he or she is in that moment but challenging them because you know their potential. Teaching is giving of your time, creativity, encouragement, kindness, and sometimes tough love, criticism, and discipline. It’s not an easy path one that people choose so they can have Christmas, Spring Break, and summer break, but we do deserve it! It is a calling to educate your children, guide them, teach them, and ultimately love them!

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