Paschal Mystery, December 4, 2013 Daily Reflection

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ

The Paschal Mystery is the life, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ lived and died for our salvation. We as Christians are suppose to follow the example of Jesus Christ. However, our culture goes against such ideas of dying to our own wants to meet the needs of others. Jesus showed us complete selflessness. Why can’t we live that way? Why can’t we die to our own wants for the good of others? Moms do it every time they wake up in the middle of the night and care for a baby or a child. Friends do it often when other friends need help in their own lives. Sometimes its a quick response to do for others, especially if you have been raised by people who have set this example for you all of your life. Think about your life and everyday routine. When do you die to a want or need for the good of someone else?

Today, make an effort to die to something so that someone else can live. When we learn how to die to our selfish ways and we live as God wants us to as people of unconditional love our entire world will shift.

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