Passionate People, February 2, 2017 Daily Reflection

Copyright Love City Non-Profit

Have you ever noticed how passionate people radiate a type of warmth and goodness? It seems they draw us to them with their infectious passion. My juniors are serving at 14 different non profit agencies in our community. Each one of my students are learning about injustices in our society and are able to help others. Some are discovering a tender place in their hearts for children, others are developing a special skill for listening to the elderly, and some are amazed by how similar those with disabilities are to themselves. Each student is in an atmosphere of self-discovery. All of the organizations have volunteer coordinators who are truly passionate about those they serve.

One organization that leaves me in awe is Love City in the Portland Community. The husband and wife that bought the community center live directly behind it. They have put their entire life into this community. They are passionate about bringing this community, that has been neglected and abandoned by so many,together as neighbors to build up their love for one another. It is a grass roots effort. They do not want to advertise and sensationalize this endeavor. Every step of the way they have followed the path they believe God has shown them. Where there was sadness there is now opportunity. Where there was once an old empty building there is now beauty, life, neighbors, laughter, joy, prayer, fish fries, art and so much more. When God breathes passion into a person their soul cannot hide that fire. All of my students who work with these precious people are so honored to be a part of their mission. Each student talks about how much they treasure this opportunity to care for others. They are witnessing to people who have given up their way of life to submerse their lives into a community that is perceived as dangerous and lost. It’s like Jesus said to them come follow me and I will give you peace and love that will flourish if you spread my love to this little corner of my creation, Portland.

There is a reason passionate people have passion. There is something that touches their soul and connects them with a transcendent being that gives them the energy, drive, and willingness to give everything to the mission they pursue. I am blessed to witness so many passionate people in our community giving of themselves for so many others. I pray that my students can witness and internalize this passion in their own lives and missions.

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