Past the boulders, October 10, 2011 Daily Reflection

The rocks and the spray

There are so many rocks, boulders and obstacles that seem to block our way to the water just on the other side… We can hear it; the water lapping upon those rocks…We can see it; the spray splashing just above them…just beyond our reach.

But how do we get there? How do we reach that place of peaceful bliss? Do we just climb the rocks? Do we pull ourselves over the top and gently descend the other side? Do we try to move those rocks, blast through them? Or do we simply sit where we are and wish we could be somewhere else? Do we simply sit and imagine what the water must look like? How invigorating that spray might be if it could only touch us with its healing waters?

When you are faced with the rocks and obstacles of your life what do you do to find the peace on the other side? Do you work through the problem or issue at hand however difficult that might be? Do you just shove aside any problems, not solving them but pushing them out of your life? Or do you sit and just let the other side remain the other side?

The waters on the other side are calming, peaceful and invigorating. Today, consider how you can reach that place.

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