Pastoral Care, November 11, 2016 Daily Reflections

Cards from my students

Cards from my students

I have been teaching my students about the sacrament Anointing of the Sick. The ministers of the sacrament are priests and bishops. However, as baptized Christians we are all part of the common priesthood. We are to serve, teach, and spread the Gospel to all. We are to minister to others at all times.

I told my students about my Dad and his journey with cancer (he is fine now) and his painful days in the hospital. After that experience he felt called to visit patients so he could comfort and pray for them. He goes weekly to the hospital, he holds the hands of the sick, listens to their stories, prays for them and with them. He encourages them and praises them for their strength and faith. My Dad is a precious child of God!

In my class we talked about how much it helps to be comforted by others when we are ill. Then I passed out blank cards for my students to create cheerful messages of encouragement, and warm words of support. Each student wrote a message and let the person know they would be prayed for by us. My Dad will deliver the cards to the patients. Hopefully, it will bring them a moment of joy during a trying time in life. It is not just a nice gesture, as Christians it is our responsibility and an honor to love others at all times especially in times of need.

What can you do today to bring pastoral care to another?

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