Patience, May 17, 2012 Daily Reflection

Spencer's Rainbow

The colors were chosen, the crayons were held by fat little fingers, the idea began to spread from his mind to the paper, and the  picture came to life on a plain piece of paper and slowly but surely there became a rainbow.

In this life we like to make a decision and see the results right then and there. Yes, we can wait but not for longer than it takes for a traffic light to turn colors. We can wait but we hate lines anywhere in life; grocery stores, amusement parks etc. We can wait but pregnancy just takes too long. We can wait but we don’t want to wait! We want the idea to come to life now. We don’t like the slow nature that life naturally takes.  We are ambitious, enthusiastic and not very patient. However, if we learn patience, if we take the time in those lines to relax and breath, if we nurture that long pregnancy and get to know the baby within, if we use the time wisely to live then we will experience a different more satisfying existence.

Instant gratification is quite fleeting. You want it, you get it, and it’s over. When you slow down the process, watch it grow, nurture it, love it and appreciate it then the reward is unbelievable. Things that happen in a moment are also over in a moment. Things that take a lifetime last much longer; the taste is sweeter, the depth is deeper and the effect can be eternal.

Today, slow down, take a breath in line, look around you, and take in where you are and who you are with in that moment. Know that your goals and dreams can be achieved but not in 5-10 minutes or even 5-10 years. Cultivate and develop your ideas, choose your colors, hold onto your crayons, use your imagination and draw it onto that blank piece of paper that is your life. But know it won’t happen quickly it is a process that must be slowly given life. Enjoy it, treasure it, let it breath and have the patience for the prize will be greater than you expected in the end.

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