Pause, January 24 Sunday Tidbit

Anna pausing to look at the ice covered pond

Anna pausing to look at the ice covered pond

How often do we pause -linger or hesitate, a temporary stop of action? We use the pause button on our DVR or DVD player often, so we can run to the bathroom, get a snack or tuck the kids in again! But how often do we pause in this hectic life we lead? If we are in constant motion then our thoughts are not clear or deep, they are cluttered with the to do lists!

Today is Sunday, pause, not the DVD or the DVR but pause your life not for a long time just for awhile. If it’s too cold to bundle up and take a walk then just find a quiet place in your house and sit there or stand and look out the window. Don’t read, don’t write, don’t talk just be still and listen to the sounds around you, drink in the sites before you, listen to your heart and to your thoughts.

“Be still and know that I am God.”

 – Psalm 46:10


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