Peacemaking Starts with me, March 23, 2017 Daily Reflection

Give someone a little love

We all desire peace and harmony in our lives and in our world. How can we make this world a peaceful place? Who or what can we control?

The only person we can control is ourselves. We can control our actions and reactions. We can control what we are influenced by which takes control of our thoughts. Our thoughts eventually lead to habits that are acted upon. Who or what influences your thinking? My thinking is influenced by God. I read about Christianity and I listen to podcasts from faith filled Catholics. I surround my life with positive people who love and nurture one another. I have shed the weight of harmful people in my life.

If we want peace we must start with the awareness of who and what we have become. We need to analyze the influences in our lives. Then we need to discern who we want to become. If we want peace we have to begin with peace in our own life. We need to cut out the cancer and embrace the good. We need to listen to God’s call to holiness. We need to be influenced by selfless people. We need to speak compassionately to self and to others. We need to love our self and others. We must nurture our soul, spirituality, faith, and core values, developing to promote peace and bring about harmony in our lives and the lives of all others around us.

Today, start making peace with yourself. Forgive yourself for your shortcomings. Start a kind inner talk. Pray to God for the strength to love self and others with compassion and mercy. Pray for a way to let the anger fade and take in love instead. Peace making must start with the peace you make with yourself first!

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