People Pleasers, December 12, 2011 Daily Reflection

My two people pleasers

That is my little people pleaser Jake loving on his grandma, my mom, the original people pleaser. I love this picture of two of my favorite people. I tell my husband all of the time “You are so lucky I have Jake. He boosts my ego daily.” Every day with complete sincerity my little boy gives me that same authentic smile and says “I love you mommy. You are the best mommy in the world. You are so beautiful.” He really means it because he truly loves me.

Jake is constantly trying to please me. If he hears me starting to get mad, whether he or someone else caused it, he hugs me immediately. He knows how to ask for things with manners and a smile on his face. When I correct him too harshly he cries. He just wants to please me.

I understand Jake because he is my little clone. When I was little I remember doting on my mom. Telling her she was the best mommy in the world and she had the most beautiful singing voice. I just wanted to be around her and make her smile. She understood me because I was her little clone. She did the same thing with her mom. She went out of her way to be good and do whatever she could to make her mom smile.

It’s funny Jake is the only child out of the 4 that is like that. I was the only one out of 4 kids that was like my mom in that way. My mom is still a people pleaser. She sincerely wants to make life easier and happier for those around her. She wants to see smiles and experience happiness as often as possible.

Don’t we all want happiness? The more you care about others the happier you can make the world around you. Are you a people pleaser? It’s not difficult it just takes a little effort to be sincerely kind, considerate and complimentary of the people you encounter daily. Try it today and I guarantee you will get smiles and be surrounded with happy people.

I love my two people pleasers they make life more pleasant.

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