Personal Mastery, January 30, 2017 Daily Reflection

One type of education

I have been studying personal mastery. It is the idea or practice that as humans we want to flourish, grow, and mature. This growth benefits our organizations and workplaces. If each person attempts to grow in education, and personal growth then the community will benefit. I believe that growth is essential not just to the individual but to every community. Those who just sit stagnant in life, no longer reaching, exploring, or reflecting are also no longer contributing to community. It is like St. Paul says in his many letters it is about working together as the body of Christ, we each are a part of the body, none more important than the other but all extremely important and without each one incomplete.

What are you working on in your own life? Reflect on your life, journal about where you are and who you perceive yourself to be. Decide on one aspect to deepen, an area that you would like to understand more, a flaw that you would like to change for the better. Consider interest you have that you feel called to explore. Turn off the TV and reflect on what would you like to master? How would learning or understanding that give you the ability to contribute more to your family, friends, and community? Education of any kind from school, books, experiences, or life is never wasted, it is what we grow from. God wants us to lead a fully human life. Today, consider what exploration would lead you to a fuller life. Then take that first step to discovery.

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