Perspective, April 23, 2015 Daily Reflection

Boston Trip

Boston Trip

Is it abstract art, the ocean, or the sky?

It’s all about our perspective in life. Where are we standing, sitting, or seeing it from at that moment in time? I was sitting in an airplane when I took this picture.

This is true in all aspects of life. So many times we think we know exactly why a person acts out. Half the time we have absolutely no idea of their perspective on the situation at hand. Especially in cases when people are rude, insensitive or down right nasty. We simply label them ‘mean’. The truth is they must be lashing out for a reason.

Usually people act out because they feel threatened by something or someone. However, when a person lashes out as the recipient we back up or come out swinging. Rarely do we ask how we can help them and try to figure out what has happened or what perspective they are witnessing the world from at that moment.

Can you imagine the amount of love that would be shared in the world if we left our ego behind and just tried to help others instead of protecting our image? If when someone was angry we tried to help them by keeping our distance, giving them time alone, or asking if they need to talk or to hang out. If we could just try to listen to the story of others. If we choose solidarity, loving one another as brothers and sisters, we could find peace and harmony. This would mean living a selfless life.

Today, look at a situation from a different perspective. The next time you see a friend or coworker who seems to need to talk, go tell he/she that you would love to listen and be ready to talk about anything that person is ready to talk about. Try to do at least one thing for another person that could hurt your image as a big strong person and be selfless in that event. We have to love another person to see from their point of view.

Are you ready to change your perspective?

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