Perspective, October 25, 2012 Daily Reflection

A raindrop on a leaf

It’s all about perspective, attitude and openness that will lead you to greatness in this life. If you look at the leaves in the picture as falling and torn, rained upon and depleted then that is what you will see. However, if you look at the leaves as wet, aged and refreshed from the rain then that is what you will see.

We define our own reality through our perspective of life. Our view on life, either negative or positive forms our attitudes. Our attitudes shape our actions to closed minds or opened minds. If you hear of an opportunity but you believe that there is no way you could take part in it then it is no longer available to you because you shut it down. If you hear of an opportunity and believe that you can certainly pursue it and achieve it then you have found hope. We form our lives by our perception of the world around us. We perceive life and we make choices based on those perceptions, to walk away or to walk towards it. The world is not against us or for us. The world simply is. The way we react to the world is what molds our lives.

What is your perception of this life? Do you see sadness, injustice, oppression, crime and no way of solving any of it? Do you see sadness and injustice and it motivates you to help others and change the world?

Your perception forms your attitude, your attitude affects your choices and your choices define your life.

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