Phillip Phillips, November 27, 2013 Daily Reflection


Philiip Phillips

Phillip Phillips

My husband surprised me with tickets to a concert that Phillip Phillips was opening for last night. It was the “John Mayer” concert, whatever…Phillip Phillips is totally ready to headline his own tour. Anyway, it was my early birthday gift. Last year he got me Phillip Phillip’s first CD. This year I got to see him in person!!! I built this opening act up so high…but Phillip Phillips did not disappoint…on the contrary he was EXCELLENT!!!! He only played for 45 minutes and being the opening act not many people were up and dancing, but I was. His voice soothes me, his passion impresses me and his humility is unbelievable. You have the Miley Cyrus of the world screaming look at me I am trying to be a trashy woman and the Kanye West saying I am Jesus Christ and then there is Phillip Phillips with no agenda, no fake role to play just a guy with a guitar, soul, passion and an unbelievable voice. He is not out doing drugs, degrading his body or acting as though he is better than the rest of us. He is authentically himself. He is a breath of fresh air in the middle of this stale pollution we call music. John Mayer I am sure is great for some people. We paid the money so I listened to 4 of his songs and said forget it let’s go home.

You see we did not pay to see or listen to John Mayer we paid to listen to Phillip Phillips, a real guy with no fanfare but true talent. It was the most awesome 45 minutes of a concert I have experienced in years. Thanks Phillip Phillips for keeping it real and down to earth. (Not that he would ever read this, but I can always hope).

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