Picking Strawberries, June 7, 2013 Daily Reflection

Jake picking strawberries

We went strawberry picking for a fun field trip last week. My children had a great time. They had to explore the plants and hunt for the biggest, reddest, most plump strawberries, pick them and put them in their bucket. They each had partners. Each team shared a bucket. When I checked out I ended up purchasing entirely too many strawberries but they were fresh and oh, so sweet.

We search through our lives looking for the biggest and sweetest things in our world to pluck and keep for ourselves. Our culture is so individualistic that it is a rare occasion that the thought enters our mind to give our finds to others who may need it more. We were raised to find a job we love and to take care of our own families. But our faith says “Serve God and One another”.

Faith is counter cultural however when we live our lives by serving others although we are giving our “stuff” and time away somehow we feel more full. Try it. Today, think of a way that you can pluck the biggest, sweetest treat for someone else and give it away (no strings attached) and see how much fuller you feel from the experience. Pick a strawberry and put it in someone else’s bucket today.

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