Picnic Lunch, February 10 Daily Reflection

On a picnic just me and my Jake!

On a picnic just me and my Jake!

Crunch, crunchity, crunch through the dried leaves we explored the ground. Under one of the only maple trees that have any shade remaining, we spread out our yoga mat; we didn’t want our bottoms to get wet from a normal blanket. Jake began digging into the basket with a grumbling tummy ready to eat the special picnic food. Not that it is any different than what we eat at home at the kitchen table. It’s the same food it’s just special because we are outside together on a picnic.

Where do we find that in our lives? When the ordinary is more special due to the location? An ordinary ham sandwich is unbelievable when eaten on the beach. Taking a walk alongside of a peaceful lake at sunset is so relaxing but it’s still just a walk. Watching your child run in a race instead of the backyard alone can take your breath away. We are still our ordinary every day selves no matter where we are. What makes the ordinary extraordinary? Our perspective and how we value our location.

Today change your perspective. Instead of viewing your children as kids you live with day in and day out, try to find the most extraordinary aspect about them. Once you see that trait praise them for it, hug them, love them and appreciate them. They are the same ordinary children but when you perceive their value they become extraordinary. 

We think of ourselves as ordinary people but I believe God’s perspective is that we are extraordinary in His view! Today see your children as God sees you with love and wonder!  

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