Play with the trains, July 3 Saturday Tidbit

Spencer and Jake playing trains

The time of childhood is so brief that as adults we wonder where it all went and how on earth it was that we did not appreciate that time when we had it. We look back on our lives and many of us long for those days of complete freedom from our lives, the freedom to just sit for hours and play with the trains. If only we could have a moment in time back to feel that freedom but alas we cannot live it all over again. To be a child lost in the moment of playing when nothing mattered but the game at hand such freedom, such pleasure and yet when we were there we could not see it, we wanted to grow up, well some of us did.

 As parents we have been given a unique gift in watching our children live in that freedom and being able to briefly take part in it all through playing with our children. So today on this busy Saturday take some time away from the chores and the errands we are enslaved by and sit down and play with the trains, get lost in the moment and the freedom of playing alongside your child this day. It is a time that is worthy of your attention and appreciation. Today take the time to play with your children as a child once more!

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