Playing in the snow, January 9 Saturday Tidbit

Jake in the snow

Jake in the snow

An ice cube for a nose, two rosy cheeks and freezing toes; playing in the snow as a child.  Rolling the snowball across the front yard until it is big enough to be the base; building a snowman.  Packing that snowball so tight, smoothing it as round as a baseball, then releasing right into your brothers back; snowballs fights. Cold wind chilling your ears as the trees fly by, bump and your airborne on your plastic red sled; sledding.  Flop, arms and legs going at the same time, cautiously standing up in one place and looking down at the art you created; snow angels. Peeling off the layers of sweatshirts, extra socks, pants, the wet gloves and hats hit the floor as you run to the kitchen table to hold that hot chocolate in your cold hands.  How the warmth of that milk mixed with chocolate warms your tummy. All the memories of childhood snow play through our thoughts as we see the snowflakes.  Give your children the opportunity to make those same memories today.  Even if it is messy and there is dirt on the floor and extra loads of laundry, those memories will last a lifetime.

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