Please Pray for Her, July 21, 2014 Daily Reflection

Water Park

Water Park

I feel sick to my stomach and my heart is breaking for the children I sat next to at the water park last week. I know my view was limited and my judgment was not asked for by them but I cannot help but speak now, since I was not able to say a word when I sat next to them. Thank God for the Dad he was calm, kind, considerate and good to the children as well as his wife. They had a teenage daughter, two boys probably 11 and 5 and a brand new baby only 8 weeks old. The baby luckily slept for quite some time and the dad carefully and lovingly set up a cool little area for her.

After lunch when I returned to my chair the mom was overtly agitated by her teenage daughter and proceeded to cuss her out dropping the “f” word with complete disregard for any other bystanders; yelling at her daughter to get away from her. The baby of course was crying at the same time so she started cussing at the baby telling her she had no reason to cry and she had enough of her attitude. I felt like I was about to vomit and wanted to call CPS both at the same time. The dad was there but I think he was asleep. When he woke up and noticed the tension in his wife’s voice he tried to calm her and rectify the situation. The daughter was gone, the boys were silent and the baby was laying there alone sucking on her pacifier.
A few minutes after this scene my children came back to check in with me and my nephew asked about the age of the baby. She told him and she added that the baby was only 5lbs when she was born. I asked if she was premature she responded,” NO, her and her damn brother gave me diabetes!!” At which time my children backed up in disbelief. My children have only heard people talk about the blessings and joys of having babies, they have heard it is trying but they have never heard anyone blame a baby for a disease.

As they were packing up to leave the daughter returned and asked to hold the baby, the mom handed her over and said. “When we get home all of you better be out of my sight cause all of you are getting on my last damn nerve!!” I honestly didn’t know what to do. So I prayed.

If this is how she treats them in public how must she treat them in private? I just wanted to hold that baby. The baby was only held twice in the 4 hours I was next to her. I just wanted to scream at the mom “Your baby does need something; she needs to be held, loved, talked to with respect and loved!” Listening to the way she spoke to her children and the way her husband handled her it sounded like she truly did not know any better; like she really just didn’t know how to parent with love or respect. So, I prayed that the husband could love those children and love that woman into loving those children the right way. I feel sick and heartbroken. They came to the water park to relax and have fun and the message she sent to the water park was anger, resentment and fear.

Please say a prayer for this woman and her children. I don’t know what else to do other than to pray and make sure I love my children the way children were meant to be loved.

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