This Point, September 28, 2016 Daily Reflection

My wedding picture (almost 20 years ago)

My wedding picture (almost 20 years ago)

Every moment of every experience of your life has led you to this point. All the good stuff and the horribly bad, all the kind acts, and those acts you are ashamed of, all the clarity, and the confusion have intertwined to bring you to who you are today. Our memory will not hold on to every second of our life’s journey but our soul seems to seal in the highest and the lowest points possible. They seem to be experiences we can never lose. When we were in the middle of those mountain top experiences, or tragic lows, our intensity skyrocketed, attaching the experience to some feelings we can never forget.

Why is it important to remember? If we believe in maturity and growth we attempt to learn from these experiences. When we reflect on our choices, and happenings from a distance we can begin to connect the dots of the bigger picture. For some there comes a great sense of clarity and understanding. For others the work of digging deeper for understanding begins. Nothing has been pointless, no experience, no memory, everything has led to something or someone else, to a new comprehension, perspective, or evolution of self. One of the most rewarding thoughts for me is that we will never stop changing. Change is the constant in our human lives and God is the support, mentor, and ever loving Father.

Embrace the good moments. Mourn the sad, ask forgiveness for the regretable. Open your heart, mind, and soul and allow God’s wisdom to enlighten your mind to the transformation of your life. This point will change and another will blossom, Treasure the journey of a lifetime.

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