Power of Positive Energy, September 6, 2017 Daily Reflection

Happiness can spread

How often do you prepare yourself to be surrounded by goodness? Each morning we should wake up with thanks on our lips for another day to live. We should bring to mind all that God has blessed our lives with thus far. Then we should notice all the goodness that surrounds us from the breakfast we are able to eat to the running water that we have to take a shower. We should appreciate the soap, deodorant, toothpaste, and clothing we have to wear each day. We should give thanks for each and every blessing especially those people in our lives. We need to take this thanksgiving and awareness of goodness into every part of our day from the commute, to the work day. God gives us gifts of goodness constantly throughout the day. Bring to mind all those blessings, be aware of the goodness, and let those thoughts lead your mind to the power of positive energy. Then spread that goodness with each person you encounter today. Give each person a little of yourself, a smile, a laugh, a hello, a moment to talk, or to listen. Take the time to spread that positive energy to others and they will do the same. The power of positive energy can change a day and if practiced long enough can change a lifetime. Try it today!

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