Pray in Thanksgiving, November 26 Daily Reflection

Anna on her First Communion Day

Anna on her First Communion Day

Long blond curls, the white pristine dress, a flowing veil and nervous knees shaking, that was my Anna right before she received her First Communion.  To see her standing there took my breath away.  How long ago was it that I was in natural labor screaming “Get it out of me” and the doctor said, “It’s a girl!”  I cried with relief that the baby was out and then after a bit said, “She is my Anna Elizabeth”.  My husband felt extremely relieved because I told him I would have up to 7 children just to get one girl, the pressure was off.  Now here she sits next to me in the wooden pew 8 years old and ready to make her 1st conscious step into the Catholic Church, she was baptized as an infant.



My beautiful daughter.  The relationship between a mother and a daughter is amazing.  It is so different from the relationship I have with each of my boys.  Each relationship I have with each of my children is very unique and extraordinary.  Anna is my girl but she is not a Barbie doll loving, dress up, boy crazy wants to look like Hannah Montana girl.  My Anna loves to climb trees, play sports with girls and boys, she loves to paint and draw and create.  She is my little clone only so much prettier than I ever was.  It is mind boggling how much love you can feel for another human being.  That love spills over when she tells me, “I love you mom”.  I don’t know if anything else that falls from those precious lips is as sweet.

We are unbelievably blessed as parents to have the opportunity to witness our children growing up.  They are not in sweat shops, most of them are not fighting for their lives from diseases, and they are not being abused on the street like in other countries.  We are so fortunate that our children have the right to grow up as children to play, to express themselves, to be educated, to be protected from predators, to be who they want to be.  Thank God today that we live where we do and can give our love and attention to our children, the greatest treasure we will ever have in our lifetime.



Today say a prayer in thanksgiving for living here in the US, it has many faults, but it has so much freedom and opportunity for our children to become anything they can dream of.  Say a prayer in thanksgiving for each of your beautiful children.  Specifically list to God each of the qualities that make your child exactly who they are today.  Embrace their unique qualities and smile because you not only get to enjoy witnessing their lives, you get to be the center of their lives as Mom!!  Next time your children say, “I love you” truly think about how blessed you are that they do and you have the ability to love them right back.  These are the things we should say Thanks for around our Thanksgiving table not the things as much as the people and blessings of freedom, opportunity and love.

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