Why Pray? June 14, 2017 Daily Reflection

Spencer Praying

There are many reasons to pray. Why do you pray?
Some people pray for their wants.
Others pray for their needs.
Some pray for others, or themselves.
Some pray for comfort.
Others pray for courage.
Many pray for understanding and guidance.
Lots of people pray so they can discover their purpose in life.
People pray when they are scared, lonely, and confused.
People pray when they are happy, excited, and at peace.
Some people think of their life as an active prayer.

What is prayer? I believe it is our connection to God. Our communication with our creator. Whether it is silent, contemplative, or medatative or in song, music, or speaking out loud. Every time you pray you enter into that relationship with God. You say to God, I trust you with this, my life etc, you ask for help, you seek guidance, you believe that God is listening, and you give God your time, presence, and love.

Why pray? I think the answer varies from moment to moment for each person. Overall, the reason is to put your trust, love, and life into the hands of the one who created and loves you more than anyone else ever could.
Today, pray!


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