Prayer for my Students, January 7, 2016 Daily Reflection

Rachel PlattenRachel Platten truly speaks to the hearts of all of us when she says: “Love, if your wings are broken borrow mine so yours can open, I am going to stand by you, even if we can’t find heaven I’ll walk through hell with you. Love you’re not alone.” There are many times in life when we feel broken and alone especially during the teen years. Sometimes we cannot feel the love of those who love us the most but it is there. Your parents are ready to give you their wings, and to stand by you through anything. Your friends are there to walk through hell with you to give you comfort and love. Someone else is also with you whom we tend to neglect God. Whether you ask for God’s guidance, love, help, or comfort God is right there with you and you are never truly alone. The next time you feel alone, let someone lend you their wings, let someone walk beside you through the bad times to get to the good times. Know, that even though at times it is difficult to believe, God is with you through it all.

Dear God,

We come to you broken, confused, and alone, not knowing exactly where to turn. Please help us to feel your presence through our loved one’s hugs, our friend’s kindness, and every sunrise and sunset you freely give to us daily. Give us the strength to realize we are never alone because you are always by our side.


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